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Magnetron/Klystron Question

  1. May 3, 2010 #1
    Please explain "inducing electric field" which I found from reading about magnetron and klystron.

    This is what I found from a book.

    Magnetron: e- from cathode, forced by the pulsed voltage, go to the anode (in a sweeping motion due to mag. field) induce oscillating electric field at the ends of the anode opening.

    Klystron: e- from the e-gun gets bunched in the initial buncher cavity and drifts to the catcher cavity where it induces retarding electric field (which forces the e- to slow down and the loss of KE is given off as microwave)

    Why/how does electrons approaching something "induce" electric field.

    And why for the magnetron the book says "oscillating E field" and for Klystron "retarding E field"

    Thank you.
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