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Magnets question please read!

  1. Aug 16, 2012 #1
    Ok, so by no means am i extensively knowledgeable in physics, and the question i'm about to post may or may not have an obvious answer.

    SO suppose i have two magnets. Obviously, magnets have a negative and a positive end. Naturally the opposite charges attract, and when you try to push like charged ends together, they repel.

    Now imagine the two magnets, one placed on top of the other. The positive end of the bottom magnet is facing up, and the negative end of the top magnet is facing down. The magnets are stuck together at this point. Now, we attach a battery to the bottom magnet using gator cables, causing negatively charged electrons to flow through the magnet. Would this cause the bottom magnet to incur a negative charge, thus repelling the negatively charged end of the top magnet? And if so, would the top magnet hover in place above the bottom magnet, or would it be pushed off the bottom magnet?
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    Attaching one pole of a battery to one end of one magnet will not cause a current to flow and will not cause charge to move.

    Also, magnetic force is not the same thing as electrostatic force. You cannot cancel it with a static charge. To a crude approximation, magnetic force operates at right angles to moving charges.
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    Like Jbriggs said, negative charges don't interact with magnetic fields they way they do with electric fields. Look of the Lorentz law.
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