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Magnets to Bend space-time

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    I was interested to know as magnetism works in space. Can magnets be used to bend space-time?
    If this is possible may be able to time travel..............
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    Well, I would answer "no" as long as extra dimensions are not included in the theory. The unification of the Electromagnetic interactions with the Gravitational ones was attempted by people who tried to extend the dimensions to 5 at first. But this theory of extra dimensions has not been verified yet.
    The thing is that the "electromagnetic" interactions happen within a different space than the known space-time- described by the spacetime-metric, the object that lets you measure distances on a (hyper)surface. As long as that space is not within the spacetime, it cannot affect the geometry of the last.
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    This really isn't accurate.

    It's not very difficult to unify electricity and magnetism with General Relativity. We don't know how to unify quantum electrodynamics with relativity, but classical E&M is pretty simple.

    And yes, electromagnetic fields impact the curvature of space-time. But you need monstrous EM fields to do it by any appreciable amount. For an order-of-magnitude estimate, to get close to the same curvature that is caused by a mass ##m##, you need electromagnetic fields with energy around ##mc^2##.
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    Well that is correct... :biggrin: I was thinking only of the first half of Einstein Equations and not the energy-momentum tensor.
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    Welcome to these Forums Dipto!!

    A very good question for an 8th grader - keep asking good questions and you will get some good answers - hopefully.....

    Magnetic fields certainly do "work in space" and the Earth's magnetic field plays all sorts of interesting effects with the Solar Wind.


    All forms of mass, energy and stress are sources of the gravitational field.

    However you would be very hard put to create a large enough magnetic field to cause a measurable effect on space-time.

    Having said that there are collapsed stars with very strong magnetic fields called Magnetars and their magnetic fields will strongly affect the gravitational field.

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    THANKS really appreciated
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    Thanks its really appreciated
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