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Homework Help: Magnitude of acceleration of electron in electric field

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    Ok real simple and easy, but yet i get the wrong answer. The question states: Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the electron while in the electric field. You are givin the Velocity: 3e6 m/s the lengeth of the parelle plate capicator .1m and the time 3.33e-8 secs. there is alos info given around the mass and the charge of the uniform electric field. Mass= 9.1e-31 and electric field is = 200 N/C
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    First of all,

    please show us what you have done so far. Second- your question is very poorly worded... why don't you type it EXACTLY how it is written.
    Third, I get two different answers depending on whether I do the problem using kinematics (constant acceleration equations) or using qE=ma. Tells me something is amiss.
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    Well i used the velocity to figure out the time. Then i used kinematics and i got something way off. I know of nothing else to do.
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    What exactly are you given in the problem... not anything you derived.
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