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Magnitude of Magnetic Field

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    I understand that it needs to relate to the following equation but that is it. [tex]B=\frac{\mu_{0} I}{2\Pi r}[/tex]

    I am unsure how to derive an answer for this, I am drawing a blank on solving this. Can anyone give me any helpful hints?
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    what is the direction of the current???? post the whole question pls....
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    That is the full question, the current is running through a hollow cylinder. From how I understand the current is flowing through direction of the hieght of the cylinder.
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    find the [itex] \ver{A} [/itex] first, then B
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    and from this you can simply derive

    [tex]B(r)2\pi r=\mu_0 j \cdot \pi(r^2-a^2)[/tex]

    [tex]j=\frac{I}{\pi (b^2-a^2)}[/tex].
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    Thanks to both of you. Clive you pointed out a part in which I made an error in my thinking of my previous answer. Appreciate the help.
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