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Magnus force and boundary layer equations

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    First of all I am trying to find a "derivation??" for the Magnus force that affects rotating cylinders and spheres passing moving through air.

    By derivation, if it is not correct, I mean a proof, something showing how the function was created.

    I have found the magnus force quite easily by searching through the web and it seems to be:


    As I said I need some kind of equations leading to this formula.

    Also I am wondering if anyone here is familiar with solving boundary layer equations (numerically) as I have a need for doing that but am unable to.

    I understand my language is not perfect and I urge you to ask if there is something that is not fully understandable.
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    Ok I hope someone has atleast wanted to help with this problem :)
    I found this pdf which contain a derivation of the classical magnus force but I am having a hard time understanding it, if someone familiar with advanced physics could give me layman's term rundown I'd be immensly grateful :D
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    I will go through it this evening but I am just wondering if the two derivations are the same?

    How come radius isn't important?

    And what's the difference if it's a sphere or a cylinder?
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