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Mahematics for general relativiy?

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    mahematics for general relativiy??

    hai iam bhanukiran i am very much interested in general relativity.now i am want to master the subject.can you please give me detailed information about the branch of mathematics that i must master.
    please be detail.how advanced it may be give compleate information. thanks for reading my post.. :wink:
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    Traditionally general relativity was developed using Riemannian Geometry and Tensor Analysis. Later an alternative formulation in terms of Differential Forms was developed; differential forms and tensor analysis are different approaches to decribing the same thing. In even more recent times yet more mathematics has been applied: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras and Bundles and Connections.

    All of these subjects have textbooks about them, and there are some introductory tutorials online. A typical introduction to general relativity will confine itself to tensors and/or forms, but to read the current research papers you need the rest as well.
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