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News Maher Arar - is Ridge beyond the law?

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    Canadian citizen detained at JFK airport, deported to Syria where he was tortured. US Minister Ridge said "intelligence from foreign countries raised terrorist suspicions about Arar, who never was charged. Arar denies any terrorist links."

    Suppose Maher's innocent, in every sense of the word, and Ridge screwed up; should he personally accept responsibility for his actions?

    Suppose he's guilty, in the sense that he had terrorist links, what justification is there for Maher (a Canadian citizen remember) being deported to Syria, a country Ridge's boss is on record as saying tortures its citizens (and others, apparently) and sponsors terrorism?

    I can imagine Maher was terrified, and the source of his terror is the action of Minister Ridge; does it follow that the US state sponsors terror?

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    Well, I think there's still much on the Canadian end that needs to be cleared up about this. As for as I know the http://www.cpc-cpp.gc.ca/DefaultSite/NewsRoom/index_e.aspx?articleid=463 [Broken] has not been completed, and will not be public?
    Also, did he not have duel citizenship? and as a citizen who was wanted for avoiding military service would it not be normal to return him to the country he still held citizenship in? I know people who did the same thing in regards to Lebanon who were returned to Lebanon...
    At any rate, before we hang Ridge, I think there are a lot more questions to be answered from both the U.S. and the Canadian government.
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