Mahjong patience

  1. wolram

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    I have become addicted to it, while my internet is down, so far i have a 25% success rate,
    the thing is the last dozen or so tiles, the game says there is one move left, but i can look for ages and not spot it, in the end i go for (hint) when it shows where the match is it is so obvious, is it common to have a (blind spot) like this?
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  3. That can happen when you randomly look at different parts of the board over and over again. When that happens, you can always check one tile at a time going from top to bottom.
  4. I understand, I have gone as far as to run and get a neighbor to help spot the "missing" match.
  5. wolram

    wolram 3,465
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    Hypatia, i do not know any one else that plays this game, what is a good average?
  6. turbo

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    Where did you download yours, Woolie? I have played a few of these stacked-tile games and some are a lot user friendly than others.
  7. wolram

    wolram 3,465
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    Mine came with the Vista package.
  8. You should try real Mahjong, its like gin/rummy. That game is just a match game using its pieces.

    But I agree, very very addicting!
  9. Which are you playing? Cat? Dragon, turtle?
  10. wolram

    wolram 3,465
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    Cat and dragon are to easy, i only play turtle.
  11. lisab

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    I have no idea what a good score is, Woolie. In fact I don't think I've ever noticed what my score is...I'm just happy to finish that god-forsaken, time-sucking, addiction-forming game.

    But do they try to pretend that the tiles are placed randomly? When I play the turtle, the top tile almost always covers one of its pairs :grumpy: !
  12. wolram

    wolram 3,465
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    There is no way the tiles come out randomly, and i am sure not every game is winable, heck i have been wiped out after only ten moves or so, and the worst is when two tiles are left both the same one on top of tother.
  13. Yeah, it's fun, I got it with Vista too, one of the few upsides.
  14. wolram

    wolram 3,465
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    I usually switch on then make a cup of coffee prep dinner, it is just about booted up then, i plan on switching off half houre before i go to bed.
  15. lisab

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    OK, I just played -- and lost -- and got a 238.
  16. wolram

    wolram 3,465
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    That was a warm up game, we are all allowed one.
  17. lisab

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    Oh you're just being kind :rofl:

    Go ahead and say it...I really suck at Mahjong!
  18. I play on Pogo, where you get more points for time. My best game is under 6 minutes, making my total score over 700.
    I have played with real tiles, a very different game, is a gross understatement.
  19. BobG

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    I agree. That match game isn't Mahjong!

    They just attached the name of a game that few know how to play so they wouldn't realize their brain was slowly being sucked away in an idiot's game. You'd do just as well playing computer solitaire or using heroin or meth. At least the last two have some redeeming qualities.

    You have to resist! We can schedule an intervention if you need it, but you have to want to quit!

    Try playing minesweeper! It's methadone for mindless timekiller games.
  20. NoTime

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    They are all winable, it's the stacking rules that make this so.
    I've tried the Vista version.
    Vista, being what it is, seems to have lost my stats for it, since I last played a few months ago.

    I had one game that I was thinking was a Vista bug and unsolvable.
    Figured it out eventually, but it took a long time.
    I kept trying because I could see there was a solution if I could just remove the rest of the tiles without making some obvious moves.

    Not a bad time killer if you have to just sit there for hours, with no comm link, waiting for a process to complete.
  21. I do the same thing when my internet is done. I have a ~40& success rate.
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