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Main changes to Quantum entanglement experiments since 1948?

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    Could the Dion Quintuplets miracle birth in Quebec in the 1930s be an example of how Quantum “Entanglement” occurs? My personal celebration of Einsteins recent birthday, a layman’s argument in support of Einstein's statement “God Does not Play Dice With the Universe”

    By Sid H Belzberg

    When analyzing the data of “entangled” photons produced by the annihilation of an electron to produce a comparatively rare event of “pair of entangled photons” instead of just a pair of photons at first it appears that at great distances one particle appears to act on the other, even at speeds faster then light. To Einstein this was something that would go against his special relativity theory that has it that the speed of light is constant and nothing goes faster (a Universal speed limit).

    On the basis of this theory we get famous equations like E = mc 2 proven to be correct by the existence of nuclear energy and sadly nuclear bombs. Einsteins original argument in 1935 to explain how one photon could influence another at what appears to be faster then the speed of light was that that behavior of the pair of particles is pre determined thus the behavior of one photon on the other is not one influencing the other at all but simply that one is predetermined to behave in a certain way.

    In 1935 the existence of entangled photons was a thought experiment. Today data from many experiments demonstrates that entangled pairs of photons do in fact exist.

    In fact I found that it was in 1948 that the very first Quantum entanglement experiment, performed by Ernst Bleuler and H.L. Bradt and independently by R.C. Hanna in 1948, using Geigers counters for photon detection.

    A pair of geiger counters that would click simultaneously when a pair of entangled photons were detected from an electron annihilation event (a decaying radioactive chemical like sodium 22 is a typical source of electron annihilation events) and in fact based on the photons theoretical path they would take when they bounced off materials such as aluminum you would get more events of simultaneous clicking when you made sure the pair of geiger counters detectors were positioned in such a way that they would be in the opposite theoretical paths that a pair of theoretical entangled photons would take. This simultaneous clicking was greater then you would get from random coincidences and even if the geiger counters were placed at slightly different angles then the theoretical path a pair of entangled photons would take the rate of simultaneous clicks would go down.

    In the 1960’s John Bell published interesting papers on the probabilities of coincidental simultaneous photon detections versus non coincidental. This was one of the so called loopholes to explain that the detection of entangled photons was simply a coincidence.

    When Einstein was trying to argue that the behavior of a pair of entangled photons was predetermined thus it had nothing to do with one photon influencing the other his famous statement (“God does not play Dice with The Universe”) came about and that the whole so called Copenhagen model of Quantum mechanics based on probabilities was in fact incomplete in his view.

    An interesting question might be that most of the time photons behave randomly and behave according to the Copenhagen model but anomalous pairs of photon particles properties are predetermined depending on how exactly the electron annihilation event occurs. The event of “entangled” photons is a rare event where most pairs of photons indeed scatter off in what appears to be random directions.

    Once in a while we get a very rare instance of a pair photons that appear to behave in exactly equal but opposite ways. To an observer it appears miraculous that something at the opposite end of the planet appears to always behave in an equal and opposite way to its “entangled” counter part. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. He was being facetious and simply thought it was nonsense. In essence he said everything is predetermined and one particle acting on the other (particularly at a velocity greater then the velocity of light) is nonsense, the two particles are predetermined to act in a certain way. This argument seemed to be carried to an extreme where everything is predetermined.

    But does it have to be that way? Why not a universe where some things are random and some things are not such as pairs of “entangled” photons are indeed predetermined. For example in human populations we see a huge genetic diversity but once in a while we get a very rare event of identical twins being born or even an ultra rare event like the identical Dion quintiplets born in Quebec Canada in the 1930’s.

    The Dions grew up for the most part appearing identical into their adult hood. Clearly most of the cells in their bodies were preprogrammed to act in an identical manner at the same times. The phenomena of identical quints is a function of how things occur at the cellular level in prefetal development. We don’t go around assuming that it is either an improbable coincidence that they grew up identically or that somehow one quint influences how the other grows even if they are separated by vast distances. The DNA in their bodies (the preprogrammed instruction part of their cellular growth”) was all identical based on unusual occurrences in the mothers prefetal development.

    The miracle of the Dions was how the birthing event progressed. Could a pair of rare preprogrammed photons simply be a function of how the electron anihillation event that produced the two photons occurred in the same way the Dion Quints identical DNA was a function of how the prefetal birthing event transpired?
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