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Main chemical in robitusson?

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    DM's either a chemical, or asa friend i know said an alcohol(?)
    whats its full name and is it found in acid? either acid or lsd
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    This topic should probably be moved, though I'm not sure where to.

    The antitussive (cough supressing) chemical in Robotussin is dextromethorphan. It is most definitely not present in LSD - and therefore acid, as acid is just a slang name for lsd. It does, however, have psychoactive properties at hypermedical doses. Search on google for the "william white faq" if that is your interest. If you're too lazy to read the whole document and intend to drink cough syrup to trip, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that there are no other active ingredients besides dextromethorphan hBr or you could end up in the hospital. Given the sometimes intense nature of DXM experiences, which are nothing at all like LSD and prove unenjoyable for most people (in addition to the disturbing high itself, the near unavoidable vomiting episodes tend to limit its popularity), I'd highly suggest reading that faq before tasting this stuff.

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    thank you

    thank you very much. i was positive it wasnt an alcohol or anything. TY
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