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Main purposes of Christian marriage?

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    Hey everyone i have some questions that i would like answering. i have asked a few people these questions but i need more opinions.
    1) what are the main purposes of Christian marriage?- i feel that this question can also be directed to people of all different faiths and views so generally, what are the main purposes of marriage?

    2)why are so many couples not having Church weddings- this includes ideas like we live in a multi-cultural society and so not all faiths choose to carry out a wedding service in a church.

    Please let me know your views- i am very interested in what you think
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    Marriage in the United States is a legal contract so to speak. I think the main benefit of legal marriage is if your spouse/significant other is unable to speak due to an accident, you can speak for them as oppossed to a relative. Typically, spouses know one another the best, they know each others desires and needs.

    My wedding was at the justice of the peace because neither I or my husband subscribe to religious views. Church weddings are expensive, we spent the money on the honeymoon instead. :smile:
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    Haven't been married yet, but I'd never do it in a church. I'm an atheist, and any mention of a religious concept during the ceremony would be offensive to me.
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    Marriage is the union of two people and two families, to create a new family and to further the human race with a solid social foundation. The husband serves as a cover unto the wife and the wife as a cover unto the husband. It channels our desires to a purposeful and meaningful end, and quells our yearnings for affection. It is a union of harmony and peace.
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