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Main stay

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    I understand that every thing in science is questionable, but what if anything
    is the mainstay for main stream science?
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    - the assumption that - by and large - our corner of the universe is pretty much like any other part of the universe - that laws that apply here can be expected to apply elsewhere.

    This is an extremely important assumption in our exploration of the laws of physics, without which, we would be unable to believe we have a fundamental understanding of anything.
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    My approach would be based upon semantics, in that I agree with the foregoing answers but have a different one of my own due to a different way of interpreting the question. To me, the mainstay of science is the approach to any phenomenon as something to be studied and understood as much as possible from a rational standpoint, and must be integrated into any foregoing scenarios to build upon the foundations of the science that has gone before.
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    the universe is here and was created and is maintained by the electromagnetic spectrum. without it nothing would exist
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    No one has mentioned gravity yet, or space time, the theories that tie up
    some top thinkers, is it for ever over the horizon of discovery, or just
    tantalizing close?
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    How come noone's mentioned the scientific method yet? Without it, the "mainstay" of physics would probably be God or some other supernatural entity.
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    Danger was talking about the scientific method.
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