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News Maine GOP alleges rampant voter fraud, stolen elections.

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    Republicans rammed a measure through the legislature earlier this summer to overturn Maine's same-day voter registration law. That law has been in place for 38 years, and GOP Chairman Charlie Webster claims that it allows Democrats to bus in ineligible voters on election day and steal elections. After an extensive investigation, Republican Secretary of State Charlie Summer says that the Attorney General found exactly one instance of an apparently ineligible person voting since 2002.

    Who benefits from same-day registration? Students whose residences change, working people who live in rentals and may have to change residences, and people who are less-affluent or perhaps elderly and do not have easy access to transportation. Republicans see these as Democratic-leaning voters and want to disenfranchise them, according to Democratic critics of the new law. We have plenty of signatures on petitions to force a peoples' referendum on the issue this fall, and hopefully reason will prevail.

    Lots of small towns here have very limited office hours, so it's not always easy for a resident to get time off from work, etc, to get to the town office and register.

    http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/vote-probe-finds-one-violation_2011-09-21.html [Broken]
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    It's a good thing they have advance notice of the change - about 6 weeks until the next election. Given the controversy - most local folks should now be aware of the change and be able to register in the alotted time. Also given the petition drive - the people most impacted should turn out in droves. I do see one negative. If immigrants from the Southern border states wait until October to migrate to Maine - they may not have enough time to register this year.
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    While it is certainly wrong to vote in the same election in two different states I fear part of the GOPs goal is to discourage out of state college students from polling in Maine. Any US citizens living in Maine for whatever reason have the right to register to vote locally.
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    What's the saying? "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." Besides, isn't there a residency requirement? These voters whom are moving around often could easilly vote in their previously registered location via absentee ballot (thinking of students mostly). When I lived in Michigan and moved around election time I filled out a 'new arrival' form at my new precinct and used my previous district's voter card as proof. They took my ballot by hand and I preume verified my identity independently. The article you quoted even noted that 77 students were registered to vote in two different states - which is against the law if done knowingly. These students could easilly fill out an absentee ballot for home and go to the poll at school - allowing some search time could prevent that.

    What proof is there that these measures are meant to legitimately curb non-Republican voters? I hear that arguement often, but it's never substantiated except with 'Well, look at the people that might be effected!' It seems like this is basically just a 'fight the man' type argument from the left as they don't really have any substance to fight this type of voter-registration policy.
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    The editorial board of the local newspaper (decidedly conservative) has chimed in with a reality-check. In short, the Maine GOP has no basis for claiming that our registration system is flawed, as proven by their own investigation - one invalid registration 'way back in 2002.
    http://www.onlinesentinel.com/opinion/proof-is-in-time-to-stop-claiming-voter-fraud-exists_2011-09-22.html [Broken]
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    What a waste of time and money.
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