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Mainstream media

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    Call me ignorant but can somebody tell me why the jon bonet's(sp?) murder case gets more coverage than the war in iraq, war in the mid east, and nsa's wiretapping case, etc. combine? everytime i turn the channel to cnn, msnbc, fox, i would hear about this karr guy and the bonet's murder case. where else i can turn to for relevent news these days?
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    It is simply because of Missing White Girl Syndrome.

    Here's something I found on the internet, saved, and edited a bit. It contains profanity. So, if you have a weak stomach, do not read on. :rofl:

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    The news media, especially the 24 hour variety, goes for sensationalism at every opportunity. My big gripe is that every fifteen minutes they claim to have an urgent update, and then proceeed to spew out the exact same information that they did fifteen minutes previously.

    Apparently Americans have hit a saturation point with the war in Iraq. The news on the Iraq war was buried on page 17 of my morning paper.
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    That's why we love our CBC and CTV news; none of that Yankee sensationalist crap. :approve:
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    I was trying to figure that one out earlier tonight. On the 11:00 news, they were showing photos of the airport, where the plane Karr is on was due to land in 2 hours, as if that was somehow news. Thanks, but I know what an airport looks like. :rolleyes:
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    Probably just reusing the footage from the LAX shutdown two weeks ago. They could be applauded for recycling, after all it's good for the environment...
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    I can't watch the news right now because of this very issue. It's even on CNN International. That's right, CNN International. The only reason I can fathom it was on there was because dude had to be extradited from Thailand.

    But, you'd think that after he was extradited, they'd stop reporting on it? No. I am so, so aggravated inside by this. Around the time this girl was lost, a black girl the same age was kidnapped a few miles from my house. A lot of posters went up and a few spots on the local news, but she was never heard from again. Where are the MSNBC pundits speculating on what happened to her?

    My sister is a Guardian ad Litem, a lawyer who defends children who have been abused by their parents or legal guardians. The kinds of stories I hear from her, the amount of work she has to do...

    Bah... I'm going to stop before I start saying mean things while getting very cynical! :frown:
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