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Major choice - very confused, please help

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    Hello physicsforums, I'm currently an Engineering and Science student (3rd year at university), currently having doubts about just what I want to do with myself.

    I'm currently studying chemistry, but have really only been making sense of the physical stuff. I got into QM, didn't like organic or inorganic too much. Chem courses don't really go into too much effort to really prove everything, which I wasn't really fond of. I've also found myself reading some physics and maths textbooks (QM, analysis, abstract algebra) and looking into the sorts of research that go on into those areas.

    Basically, given that I liked physical chem, engineering and knowing stuff about maths, maybe I really should be doing physics. As far as unit requirements go, I really wouldn't have room to do anything else, and I'm not sure if my university would even let me do it considering my already completed credit. At the same time, I sort of doubt whether I really care about engineering. It has its good days and it has its bad days, you know? Sure, it's an easy path to a job, but I guess I've gotten a little too attached to science over the past couple of years. If I dropped eng. my first thought would be to double major in chem and phys and never look back - while I do find chem easy or trivial at times, it's still nice to be in the lab and do projects.

    I've also been considering pure or applied maths, which I still have enough credit to complete. I'm not sure what applied entails, since I've been reading a bit more into pure, but any advice would be appreciated. My only concern is that, while I don't mind doing proofs and all that, I am perfectly aware that I'm probably never going to write another proof as soon as I finish, and most of the maths you need for chem/phys they already teach to you. I COULD do chemistry, maths AND engineering (I have enough credit points to complete all three), but I think that's just beating around the bush. But I'm not really sure, so that's why I'm asking you guys.
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