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Major decision/ Double major?

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    I have to choose an undergrad major but I’m not sure.. I’m torn between these 3 majors: civil eng, mathematics, interior design

    My interests are very vast(that’s why I’m very indecisive about my major); it’s mostly math and arts, buildings/roads/bridges/interiors/furniture/
    My strengths: Algebra, Arts, (I draw very well though)
    My weaknesses: Electromagnetism, I’ve always struggled understanding this part of physics even though I’m pretty good in mechanics,

    Frankly I’m afraid of the civil eng major (physics part… It’s weird how I can understand math but not physics) and I’m afraid that I might get bored and quit also it’s nothing related to arts, and I’m not sure if I’m ‘engineering material’
    What do you think? Should I go directly into civil and ignore my passion to arts? Or double major in interior and mathematics and ignore my passion in designing roads and buildings (also have anyone ever done it before and managed to finish both degrees successfully?)

    I need opinions.. thanks in advance.
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    While I find it extremely odd that you have a passion for arts and yet are trying to pursue a math-based career I have to say that civil engineering might be able to unite your passion for art and engineering. While the coursework may be bland and the physics may be difficult you also have design requirements in the program (well you should anyway). You'll be able to unite your passion for art by using your drawing talents to design various things, and with your knowledge of engineering you may be able to bring it to life. People like things that look attractive.
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    I would just try to take courses in all of the subjects you are interested in during your first year, and then decide (I'm assuming you haven't started yet?)
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    With your interest in /talent for design, have you thought about architecture rather than CE?

    I don't know what country you are in, but "major in interior design" sounds like a joke (the same sort of joke subject as "film studies" or "tourism management").
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    Huh, why?
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    Maybe I should rephrase that. Everyone I know who has such a strong interest in drawing/interior design/fine arts basically considers the sciences to be a death sentence.
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    This is maybe a good suggestion :) When I was in high school I loved math and art so I decided to go into architecture and got enrolled in a program for architecture while still in high school. But then I realised that my love for art was my love for my freedom in it and I began to despise the assignments I was given. I even loved drafting but wanted at least one assignment where I could draft whatever I chose. So it is good to consider what your love for the arts really is--a love for art full stop, or a love for the "feeling" attached to your artistry.

    With that aside I am now double majoring in astrophysics and materials chemisty and I am really loving my classes :) So maybe you should do some research on the courses required for the majors you are interested in, see where the course load overlaps, and take some classes. Then you can really decide what you are good at and what you like doing.
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    First of all I’m sorry my post wasn’t clear enough, I forgot to mention that I've already started my first year (but I don’t call it a good/complete freshman year)..

    I was a math major in fall semester I took some calculus/linear algebra(did pretty well in those) but the univ I was in (public one) made me take a Real Analysis course in wich I struggled so much(I don’t think I was mentally ready for this in my first semester) and I also took some physics courses (mechanics) <-- love it

    Unfortunately I did not enroll in the spring semester (due to some health/financial issues) :(

    And yes I love sciences, but I love arts aswell anything wrong with that? .. what I HATE are law/economics, finance, THESE ARE Death SENTENCE to me!!!! .. I guess everyone has different interests!

    And for the architecture suggestion, well I did some research before (I think I might like it) even though architecture sounds like too much work and a little money (I LIKE money)
    But unfortunately my school doesn’t offer any architecture program so I’m gonna have to transfer to another univ (wich is too much for my current financial situation) and my parents are really discouraging about the architecture major (they say I'm won't be able to stay up all night working on a project plus there are too little jobs for architects in the market)

    HELIXE, what you said would be the most reasonable thing to do (take some classes) but I’m late for this right?(it's great you did it in HS, but I was too "stupid" to think about my college major back then)
    your sentence “So it is good to consider what your love for the arts really is--a love for art full stop, or a love for the "feeling" attached to your artistry.” Made me think a little bit, umm..
    Is there any classes online? Or any videos to watch?
    To be honest, the more I research on the courses (or the majors in general) the more I become confused…

    I dont THINK ANYONE WAS ever SO UNDECISIVE ABOUT his/her MAJOR!!!!!! frustrating...
    The more I panick about it the more I become undecisive.

    Woahhh that was a long post!!(I talk alot LOL) .. Thanks for reading and helping anyway, I appreciate it..
    (I came to this forum requesting your help based on your past experiences/knowledge)
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    I would go for math and interior design. The physics of practical civil engineering is not so demanding.
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    Summer I gather that you are waaay to hard on yourself lol :)
    I at one point had NO idea what to major in...I went from English to linguistics to geology. The entire time I was doing many hours of research on astronomy related things and had it not been for one of my friends to suggest I major in astronomy, I would have kept researching it as a hobby. Being as you are in your freshman year, I do not think it is too late to take classes, you can take one class as an elective or you can check around in the community for some art classes for a minimal fee---the thing is art classes at community service centers still allow you more freedom and is less extensive than an art class at college...well unless you take a drawing class, I loved my drawing class. I wouldn't recommend an online class to discover this, but then again I have never taken an online art class so I may be partial. Although I am majoring in the sciences, I still do my artwork and it is better for me that way, but I know some people who have found a happy equillibrium between their love of art and their love of the sciences...mostly in technology/art related fields like graphic design, etc.
  12. Aug 5, 2011 #11
    First of all, they made you take real analysis?

    Secondly, if they really did, why would they, when you haven't even finished the calculus sequence?
  13. Aug 5, 2011 #12
    you sound very surprised well YES they did! I'm not a US student though
    It's a public competitive univ where hundreds of students enroll in it's program every year, only the strongest survive this harsh program. (you don't choose your courses in your first year)
    europeen system weird univ : /
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    It's not entirely odd. I would've majored in Music instead of Math (or double majored) if I had known what to do with such a degree. And don't forget Noam Elkies and other musical mathematicians. ;) Some people just have interests in multiple fields which have little in common.
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