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Major for Quantum Computing

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    What is the best major for someone who wants to get into the field of quantum computing research?

    Right now I'm a sophmore doing Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Is this the right path?

    Do I need to specialize in a master's degree program or somthing of the sort?

    What is the future for this field?

    Thank you.
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    Check out the homepage of the http://www.iqi.caltech.edu/" [Broken] at Cal Tech. You can view the courses available, along with syllabi and lecture notes, see the research being done as well as publications, and if you click on the "People" button located near the top of the left frame, it will show you a complete list of all of the faculty and students at the Institute. You can e-mail any of them and ask them about their educational background.
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