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Major in physics

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    in my high school, we are required to take physics as juniors and i did. i loved physics and wanted to take ap physics but we didnt have that class at our school. would i still be ok majoring in physics? btw, this year (12) i am taking calculus bc and doing fairly well in it if that helps
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    You would be perfectly fine as long as you enjoy physics. Taking AP courses in high school doesn't mean anything as far as being capable of majoring in Physics in college.
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    Beeza is correct. In fact, you will be better served by taking a good amount of higher math in high school than by taking AP physics in my eyes. AP classes only allow you to get college credit for classes you don't want to retake. At least, that was the way it was when I was an undergrad. And if you are going to major in a subject, you really want to take the complete curriculum in college to better prepare yourself for the future classes and career.
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    In my college physics class the kids who'd had AP physics did worse then others because they expected the class to be as easy.
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    I just started my physics major (I am a freshman in college) and I never took AP Phys and I am doing just fine right now. Just work hard and you'll pass easily.
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    AP courses are over rated. I took AP calculus in high school and only skipped 1 quarter of calculus in college. You'll be fine.
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