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Major not on College Diploma?

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    Isn't it wrong for a University to not list the specific major on the diploma? I know of some Universities that just put "Bachelors of Arts" or "Bachelors of Science". You give them so much money and they can't even put the major.

    I'm thankful my University listed my major on the diploma, but if they didn't, I would kind of have an empty feeling looking at my diploma.
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    I'd have to ask my parents since they paid for my education without any scholarship aid, and have my diploma hanging up on their wall at home. Personally, I don't really care about the diploma.
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    I would not worry. Your major will become clear when you do your interview for work or a phd or whatever

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    Why would that matter? You don't carry your diploma to job interviews with you. Your major is listed on your transcripts- that you will need to have sent to any prospective employers or graduate schools.
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    Since you brought up transcripts, do you know how long an individual's transcripts stay in the database of the University he/she attended?
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    They shouldn't ever get rid of it, because people have been known to seek higher degrees much later in life, which requires transcripts. Of course, they may not keep it readily accessible after a while, and have it archived in some old warehouse, but they should be around at least for your full lifetime. I don't know what sort of time limit they use, if any.

    As for your major being on your diploma, it really doesn't matter. Your degree is still the same. I found it odd that my major was named on my diploma from my bachelor's degree (I didn't expect it to be that specific), but then my diploma for my PhD didn't specify the program I was in. Either way, it's no big deal. I don't even know where my diploma for my bachelor's degree is. Somewhere in a box in a closet. It was in a frame when I first got it (some relative bought me a frame as a graduation gift), and when the frame broke during one of my many moves since then, it got tossed in a box and ignored since then. I did finally get the doctoral diploma into a frame, though I don't display it where anyone will see it. It would still be in the folder it was mailed to me in except I've decided having it framed and displayed in my home office will be one of those stupid little things to help impress buyers when I find a new position and need to sell the house. You know, convince people looking at the house that this must be a really good neighborhood if a PhD lives here. :rolleyes: The only one impressed by the diploma is my mom.
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    I must admit, as a recent graduate, I'm still on a high. In fact, that's one of the reasons why I still come here. I majored in Math, but I get more enjoyment out of watching people struggling with problems, then the actual problem itself. Call it what you will, but that's the truth.
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    :rofl: Take a look at some of my homework questions some time, feel free to point and laugh :smile: .
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