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Major Power outage hits Northeastern US

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    i say that with all of those crowds, people should be holding a massive protest with sign reading, "Power to the People!"...
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    Zantra in the 5 hours i didnt have power I was thinking "where did all the light go?" and even though i didnt have power to come on my computer im glad you told me:wink:

    It was weird, no stop lights or anything, and no air conditioning computers, nothing, But then there are patches like some family of mine were in catskil NY for the day and they had power yet where i live was completely drained. Oh well, who knows if we ever get the truth on what happened it could have been dozens of things...

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    well.. hehe.. It was more for the benefit of the people NOT in the eastern states. I'm assuming that those in that area might have had a hunch already:wink: I heard it was pretty chatotic in the big cites, but not the first power outtage I've seen. Just another reminder that we need an alternative source of energy
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