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Majored in materials science, interested in chemistry. Go back for a BS in chemistry or an MS?

  1. Nov 20, 2014 #1
    I majored in materials science and engineering, but my primary interest seems to be more in the chemistry aspect of materials, so I've been thinking about going into chemistry as well. I've taken chemistry courses (up to organic chemistry and orgo lab) but did not major in it.

    For chemistry PhD programs, it seems that one would at least need to have the chemistry major, from what I've seen. I'm assuming it's not something that a good score on the chemistry GRE exam would overcome (since a good number of departments don't require it and only recommend it).

    Would it be better to return to undergrad for a bachelor's degree in chemistry, or go for a master's degree to use as a stepping stone to chemistry PhD? Due to my lack of an undergrad chemistry degree, I'm doubting that I would be accepted into a master's program either.

    As a side question, if I do well on this next degree, how much does it do to alleviate a shitty first time GPA come applications time? My GPA in materials science and engineering was 3.26. My motivation for returning to school before PhD also has to do with getting a new, improved GPA.
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    What specific aspect of chemistry are you interested in? There is serious overlap between the two subjects at their interface. The easiest route may be to pursue a PhD/masters in a subdiscipline of materials science which is most closely related to your interests.

    Otherwise try an interdisciplinary program. I'm interested in biophysics, and biophysics departments have physicists, chemists, biochemists, and computer scientists, so I can work with any of those. There are surely interdisciplinary materials programs where you can work on the materials side more easily.
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