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Majoring in Electrical Engineering

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    I am currently taking calculus for engineers and we are supposed to come up with a project that uses calculus to solve problems in an area we are interested in. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering, but i am only a freshman so I don't really know much yet. My problem is simple, the prof was really vague about the project, other than what i already said above, so can anyone give any suggestions for a project or point me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you interested more in hardware or software EE so far? Or maybe you haven't gotten a feel yet for which way you like best? Or a combo? If hardware, do you have a specialty in mind? (RF, digital, analog, biomed, etc.?)

    Calculus is about rates and integrations and optimizations, at least at the level that you are studying it. If you were interested mostly in software, for example, the highly specialized optimization software that is used for airline scheduling would be a good example to look into. If you were interested mostly in RF hardware design, then optimizing modulation schemes would be a candidate. If you're interested in biomedical EE modelling stuff, then simultaneous DiffEq and Neural Networks and thermal annealing come into play :biggrin:
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    i am interested in mostly the hardware side of it so far, thanks for the suggestions I will start checking into those. In the mean time if anyone else has any other suggestions for me feel free to post.

    Thanks again.
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    You can build a simple cicruit with a resistors and capacitors or inductors connected to a switch and a battery.

    When you close the switch, the current will start flowing and depending on your circuit it will increase or decrease to certain point. You could use calculus to calculate the funcion of the current or voltage to predict the behavior of your circuit.
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