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Majoring in math w/computational emphasis, and minors in computer science/physics

  1. May 20, 2010 #1
    Hi, hoping for some help.

    Major: math w/computational emphasis (emphasis on programming essentially)
    Minors: physics and computer science

    I'm wondering what my job prospects are, in this difficult economy...
    (oh, and I'm a woman)

    Fortunately, I live near Fargo, ND, with a better than national unemployment rate (around 4.5% unemployment, since I last checked). But this could change soon.

    I started at a tech college (as a computer network security major), taking Cisco 1 and 2, Linux fundamentals, computer repair, Windows network operating systems, and a few other courses.

    Then I went to the local university majoring in math with a computational emphasis. I've had, so far:
    Calc. 1, 2, and 3
    Differential equations
    Linear Algebra
    Math modeling
    Discrete math
    University (calc-based) physics 1, 2, and 3
    Modern physics (special relativity, schrodinger's wave equation, the H-atom, etc.)
    Computer science (C++ based courses) 1 and 2
    Advanced programming (C++, mostly inheritance/composition of classes, binary search trees, pointer and templated classes, advanced algorithms such as Dijkstra's algorithm, etc. ...was one of the hardest classes I ever took, harder than math or physics for me)
    Php/SQL programming class
    Networking (advanced concepts/algorithms in networking)
    Analog electronics (wiring circuit boards, using circuit components, etc.)

    And additionally, I've taken some other tech college classes:
    Java programming
    C++ game programming

    I was also a member of my physics teacher's robotics club, using the Boe-Bot (requires use of a circuit board and circuit components) and the Basic programming language

    And actually, what I'm finding is I like robotics the best, yet there is no robotics major in any local college (and I would like to stay in this area).

    For my major, I still have to take some math courses, such as numerical analysis, probability/stats, intermediate analysis, and a writing-intensive math class, but I'm nearly done with the math. I also have to yet take a graphical user interface programming class. For my minors there are some classes left to take as well, in particular computer architecture classes and lab-based physics classes.

    But what I'm wondering is if anyone could offer some advice.
    Should I keep on pursuing the track I'm on, or should I vary it a bit? Like I mentioned, I really have a passion for robotics, but could I enter this field (I suppose of building/programming industry- or business-oriented robots, i.e. even computer controllers in autos) with the courses I have so far?
    Or should I instead be pursuing an engineering-based major?

    I'm really getting worried because my college loans are piling up...
    Thank you for any advice you can offer :-)
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