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Majoring in math

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    I'm a high school senior taking Concurrent Credit for Calculus with a local university.

    I'm thinking about majoring in math for college... but i'm not sure what kind of possibilities that would open up for me... everyone says that there are plenty of things a math major can do... but I'm specifically looking for high-paying jobs. (who doesn't want to get rich, right?)

    Also, what kind of minors/emphasises would help me in my plan to find a good carreer, get rich, retire young enough to enjoy my days of baldness...

    Sorry if its too broad of a question.
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    You could always pick up computer programming I guess.
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    if you truly love and appreciate math you won't do it for the money (sure it is important) but do it because you like not because of the lucrativity of the job market

    take a risk!

    OR you could jsut find anoither field you may be good at and proceed with it if you're at computer programming then you'll make money there
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