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Majoring in Physics Teaching?

  1. May 10, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone!

    A little background on myself:
    I'm currently attending my local CC majoring in physics (gave engineering a one semester try, wasn't my cup of tea). Haha. Teaching is my family business, as my dad, sister, aunt, two cousins, and great aunt are all teachers and my mom is the secretary for a local middle school.

    I'm a declared physics major, and when I transfer to my local CSU, I will be majoring in physics with an emphasis in teaching (the "general option" as it is called there). I've always known I wanted to become a teacher at some point in my life even while majoring in engineering to become an engineer. Specifically, I'd like to teach the sciences because that has always been my true academic passion. I would like to become a high school physics/chemistry/earth science teacher as the program I am looking to attend fulfills all requirements for the single subject teaching credential in science with a concentration in physics for California.

    I just have a few questions for those science teachers out there currently teaching at the high school levels. Firstly, if I were planning on going on to a masters program, would a graduate program for a masters in education be the optimal degree? Or rather a masters in a science education program? Or just an advanced degree in physics/geophysics? (I say geophysics because the program also prepares undergraduates for physics-related interdisciplinary fields in grad school) I've always been interested in receiving a masters degree as a promise to myself, not just for higher pay.

    Secondly, I've heard that science and math teachers are in high demand around the nation. Does anyone have any knowledge about this specifically for California? Any other information that anyone has about teaching the sciences would be extremely helpful and I will be very grateful. Thanks everyone!
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