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News Majoring In Politics

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    Right now I'm going to college to major in Civil Engineering. But I've been thinking about switching my major to Government and Politics. If I do switch to that major what are some interesting jobs that I could get other than becoming a politician?
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    Don't do it!!!
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    I second that.

    I must admit, though...I really have no idea what kind of job a political science major would do.
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    Apparently it is common for poli sci majors to go into law and become lawyers. There are all sorts of other jobs you can do that are related to the field though from working on political campaigns to being a reporter. The degree can help you get pretty much any sort of job but I am assuming you are interested in field specific occupations?

    You can also become a teacher or researcher. You could work for companies like Gallup that do polling and similar activities. You could become a politician or a politicians assistant/aid. You could become a lobbyist. You could work for any number of government agencies, possibly even ones such as the CIA and FBI. These may require background in the military, law enforcement, or as a lawyer and even as just an analyst you would likely have a better chance with such on your resume.
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    Thanks, I didn't realize all of the career opportunities that came along with that major. I still haven't decided what to do but this will definitely help me to make a better informed decision.
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