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    I am going to apply to university for next year very soon. At the moment my plan is to apply for a bachelor of engineering (chemical). I was just thinking though, i really like maths, so id like to do a double degree--the engineering, aswell as a BSc majoring in pure math (maybe applied, not sure yet). Combining the BE with the BSc would add about 1.5 years onto the time i spend at uni, so its not too much longer.

    Anyway, just wondering, in terms of a career in chemical engineering, would the extra pure math major be something that could land me a better job? Would employers seek people with the extra work in maths, or are most employers satisfied with just the math that is taught within the engineering degree? Either way, i still think ill do the math major, just because i want to do it, but if it will benefit me in the end, i guess thats even more reason to do it :smile:

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