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Make 2 computers

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    How can I make 2 computer see each other using only one cable, not the cable like a printer's, but the one you use for internet connection ?

    How to do that ?

    I can connect to a remote computer with ip ex, but taht way not let me share files, copy files to my own computer, I can only control that computer only. Can't drag files into my computer. Thanks
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    Lemme clarify this
    You want to be able to share files between your computer and a remote computer? Like, as if their hard drive is a hard drive on your computer?
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    Just connect them with the ethernet cable(10BaseX) and give the lan card respective IP addresses. And reboot both systems.

    If you are using windows, then you need to probably enable file and print sharing and then put drives/folders on share.
    Once you have done with enabling sharing, you need to map your network drives onto your computer. This can be done my right clicking on My Computer icon and selecting "Map Network Drive". Then any foreign drive/folder can be assigned a drive name and can be seen as a drive inside your computer.

    In linux, you can do the same via nfs.
    A nice bit of info is given here for fedora,
    http://www.vanemery.com/Linux/NFSv4/NFSv4-no-rpcsec.html [Broken]
    But i would recommend not to look into it unless you are comfortable with linux

    -- AI
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    You will need a CROSSOVER LAN cable to connect 2 computers without a hub or switch. You should be able to find these at any reasonable computer store. Or if you do a web search you will find how to wire one up for yourself if you have the tools.
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    Actually, some computers (notably Macs) will handle either sort of cable.
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    ...it's actually a feature of the "auto-sensing crossover ports" (auto-MDI/MDIX) on certain network-cards.

    If you don't have such a network card, here's a useful gadget (a crossover-adapter) http://www.usbfirewire.com/Parts/rr-et-crossoveradapter.html which can convert any standard LAN cable into a crossover. Of course, as Integral says, you can cut up a standard cable and swap a few wires. (I think that crossover cables are way overpriced in the retail stores.)
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    I am facing same kind of a problem. I have the cross over cable.When I try to connect the two laptops giving them different IP address and by configuring one laptop's IP address to others gateway and vice versa. Although network gets connected but the problem is when i try to ping from one laptop it gives me that request timed out. whereas from other laptop i get the ping response. My laptops has norton 2005 and zonelab firewall installed.

    Please tell me what should i do in this regards so that i can do file sharing. Your response will be highly appreciated
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