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Make disk in oommf

  1. Jul 15, 2016 #1
    I'm just starting to use oommf. I wish to see the evolution of the magnetization of a dot, which has uniaxial anisotropy. Command lines I use are

    proc Disco {x y z} {
    global Diametro Ms
    set rx [expr {2*$x-1}]
    set ry [expr {2*$y-1}]

    if {$rx*$rx+$ry*$ry>$Diametro*$Diametro/4.} {
    return 0
    return $Ms

    Specify Oxs_BoxAtlas:atlas [subst {
    xrange {0 $Diametro}
    yrange {0 $Diametro}
    zrange {0 $Altura}


    Specify Oxs_RectangularMesh:mesh [subst {
    cellsize {$cellsize $cellsize $cell2}
    atlas :atlas

    Specify Oxs_UniaxialAnisotropy {
    axis { 0 0 1 }
    K1 2e5

    Specify Oxs_UniformExchange [subst {
    A 1.6e-11

    Specify Oxs_CGEvolve:evolve {}

    Specify Oxs_MinDriver [subst {
    evolver Oxs_CGEvolve
    stopping_mxHxm 0.1
    mesh :mesh
    Ms { Oxs_ScriptScalarField {
    atlas :atlas
    script {Disco 2.2e5}
    m0 { Oxs_RandomVectorField {
    min_norm 1.0
    max_norm 1.0

    but when the data stored mmarchive through, the file contains only zeros. Why?

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