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Making a DC motor

  1. Dec 8, 2012 #1
    Hi there
    Currently in my physics class my teacher has assigned us a project where we are to make a DC motor using these items:

    2 thumbtacks
    1 meter of 14 AWG copper wire
    2 paperclips
    A block of wood
    1 ceramic magnet
    1 AA battery
    2 connecting wires

    My plan is something like this picture

    but I was wonder if I could get any tips on how to increase the rmp to maybe something over 5000?
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    You could try increasing the number batteries, how much you wind the coil, the strength of the magnet.
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    You will have considerable difficulty getting the commutator to work with just those materials. Also, the heavy wire will take a terrible toll on the battery - I hope you are allowed to trade in your dead ones.
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    Interestingly... The fewer turns the faster the motor should spin.

    This is because a DC motor accelerates until the back EMFequals the applied voltage and the back emf is proportional to the number of turns. More turns means a lower rpm is required to produce a the required back EMF. For a low power motor affected by friction and air drag it might not be quite that simple so experiment in both directions. Balancing the rotor might be an issue for high rpm.
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    Hint. The wire is probably enameled.
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