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Making a lesson plan that utilizes technology

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    I'm in need of making a lesson plan that utilizes technology. I can't find any good ideas. Checked out TI and NCTM's websites, to no avail. Anyone have any cool ideas or websites that would work? The lesson plan needs to use technology by means of Excel or a TI calculator.
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    What level class are we talking about here? Elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school? (these are for USA of course; if you're from somewhere else, substitute whatever is appropriate) What kind of physics do you want to do with this? motion, forces, collisions, thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, or...? (This is for a physics class, right?)
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    mostly middle schoolers, and not necessarlity for physics, but it definitely can be. i was thinking about doing a lesson on statistics, but there is so much out there with it, i just do not know.
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    You can determine accelerations using Excel.... statistical information using Excel again...
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