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Making a Math computer program

  1. Nov 24, 2004 #1
    I just some ideas for what should I put in my math program. All I need is some forumlas.So far I got the cross-multiply,average and the taxes.
    I'll remove the fat ronald afterwards. When I am going to be done, I can post it my program for download.
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    Quadratic formula

    Some hard ones:
    Derive (polynomials only would be easy)
    Integrate (polynomials only would be easy)
    Solve simple equation (5x + 3 = 2, solve for x!)
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    Although there are professional programs that do this I would very much suggest you try and think of as much stuff you can do and add it in. It very much gives you a better understanding of that area of mathematics (try and write most of your algorithms rather than using pre-defined functions).

    A good one that I wrote a couple of years back was a program which when you inputted a number it gave you it's prime divisors, e.g if I inputted 12 it would give you:

    2^2 x 3

    I expanded the program to give the sum of divisors, e.g if you inputted 6 it would be the same as:

    1+2+3 = 6

    And thus also told you if it was a perfect number of a near perfect number (only 1 number away). I carried on looking for more things, like telling you if it was a Fermat prime number etc.. etc.. I think the program could finally deal with any number 10^8 or less and still be quite quick (it was written in VB). Not only did it give me a better understanding the maths but it has allowed me to breeze through my number theory course.
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