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Making a mobile van faraday cage

  1. Dec 5, 2008 #1
    A real life situation exists where I'm attempting to turn the back of a van into a faraday/rf sheilded cage to transport 2 electromagnetic sensitive beings too properties where there is no microwave tower coverage in the hope they can live fuller longer lives (than are currently expected) in a supportive communal setting. They are presently confined to small parcels of land with a mobile faraday van their only salvation of traveling. Both have extreme reactions. I have personally witnessed my friend shrivelling skull-like whilst driving past towers. The other, a Buddhist nun, has intense anaphylactic seizures with loss of breathing within range of towers/phones.
    Absolute certainty of the van's faraday sheild working is essential.

    If it is possible to make a completely sealed faraday cage from the back of a van:

    1: Does the vehicle need to be grounded whilst in transit?
    2: If so is a chain dragging from the chassis adequate?
    3: If a chain isn't adequate are there alternatives?
    4: Can a simple multimeter be used to check for any electric charges inside the cage indicating a breach?
    5: What would happen if a current was purposefully run through the body of the car (would it help reflect microwaves or be detrimental)?
    6: What material would 'soak up' any stray microwaves which might enter inside?

    I'm on a learning curve, simple explanations/links/diagrams to any of the above Q's would be greatly appreciated and shared with whomever may need it in the future..

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