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Making a proposal

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    I have an assignment to make a proposal. I want to ask how to make a good proposal so I post here. If this is wrong, I am sorry and please close this thread.

    I am asked to choose a business, can be company or private business. Because here is science forum, let say I take education center for my business.
    Now I want to offer my education center program to one of the school and I have to make a proposal. How to make a good proposal? The teacher hasn't taught us yet. What are the things that should be explained in the proposal? I think I should explain things related to what program I offer, the cost, the timeline.

    Can someone please help me brainstorming the idea? I'm lost when I tried to start to do it
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    Is it a business proposal? Are you trying to lay out a plan for a new business as part of an assignment?

    Assuming that is what you are doing, you need to identify a need of some sort in your target area. You should be able to find resources for this on websites for the local government in your area.

    If you decide to look at a tutor service to help with the local education you can look and see if there are any other places that offer this service. If there are not enough to serve the population then you may have a promising start.

    You'll then lay out exactly how your business will work and where it will be located. Is the location the optimal one to draw in those students that need help. Do you need any permits. What taxes will you be required to pay. Are you a non-profit? Is it affordable?
    How would you go about securing a loan? You need to lay out a plan to aquire the money to start this business. Will you only hire accredited teachers like Sylvan learning centers do?

    All these things need to be laid out in your business proposal. The business proposal is what you will present to the bank or investors in order to secure a loan. You may also have to present it to the city council if you need to get any permits. You will also give an outline of your long term plans. Will you be expanding? How many employees will you have?

    Once you lay all this out in an easy to understand and visually appealing manner you will have a business plan/model that you can present as needed.

    If you google on this topic, you will find lots of templates and walk throughs that can get you started. Most state's/governments websites offer assistance with making business plans as this encourages economic growth.
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    Yes, I'm trying to lay out a plan for a new business as part of an assignment. I just talked to the teacher about the idea of taking education center as my business and he told me the scenario.

    The scenario is a private school wants to hire me and my teachers to give extra lessons after the school has finished in order to prepare the students for exam (there is internal problem in the school so that some teachers can't teach regularly). I have more or less half a year to prepare the students. So what I need to do is preparing a proposal and sending it to the school. If the school accepts my proposal (my teacher will act as the school), I will have to make a presentation at the school, in front of the school staffs and parents (if my teacher thinks my proposal is good, I have to make a presentation in front of the class to get extra points).

    This is level 1 assignment so I don't have to think about my education center location and fund / loan (maybe those things are for level 2 or 3). I just need to concentrate in making a very nice proposal so that the school is interested. In the scenario, I have a competitor who already famous enough.

    I have thought about the things I need to explain in my proposal:
    a. the things that the students are lacking
    b. how my education center program can overcome the problem
    c. how long the project and the cost (is this needed in the proposal?)
    d. what can I offer better than my competitor (the teacher doesn't tell much about the competitor. should I make a description about the competitor myself ? )

    Are there any additional points that I should take into account? And I'm also confused how to make a good start; I mean I'm a new player and my competitor is already famous enough. It will not be easy to get into the market.

    I will browse to find a template for the proposal. Thank you
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