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Making a Server with Windows XP

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    [SOLVED] Making a Server with Windows XP

    I was wondering if it is possible to make a webpage / ftp server using Windows XP rather than some fancy OS like Windows Server 2003. Basically, I want to make my own server, but I have no idea where to begin.


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    First thing to do is make sure your ISP allows it's customers to make servers, unless you plan to use it only as localhost.

    To install IIS (Internet Information Server) put in your windows xp cd. It's located under components.

    Or you can download apache for windows and follow their instructions.

    As for FTP, I'm sure there are windows components for this otherwise goto download.com and search for an FTP server application.
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    Thanks for the information. I think I'm going to try the IIS option. Please let me know if there are any common shortcomings of this component.


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    Which version of XP do you have? Its probably only possible with Pro.
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    Re: Re: Making a Server with Windows XP

    I have the Home Edition, but last week I ordered an upgrade for the Profession Edtion. I got a pretty good deal too... ten licenses for only $38.

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    In the same vein

    I am trying to build a network as cheaply and quickly as possible. Currently I have 3 machines, 2 of which need simultaneous access to a billing database. Both of those machines are running XP home and will be upgraded to Professional.

    Is it possible to use an XP pro machine as a server or does it not have that capability? Other than ebay were can I get a cheap LEGAL copy of win2k server or nt server? Thanks in advance!
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    Yesh, why don't all of you guys just run linux. What do you think microsoft uses for www.microsoft.com[/url] ([url]http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph/?host=www.microsoft.com[/URL])

    aximluvah, what type of database are you running? If your looking for a cheap (free) server then apache will do it for you. It has really good documentation too.
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