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Making a Wave Pool for Surfing

  1. Jun 5, 2013 #1
    I just wanted to get some thoughts brewing on how I could build a wave pool for surfing in my back yard. In physics, what topics would I research so I could understand the concepts behind a wave pool? I don't know if any of you surf, but is it possible to create a barreling wave were its hollow in the middle? I would imagine if we could make an oscillating "sea floor" we could make that happen. In general, what materials would one need to build one of these? Thanks for the thoughts everyone. Here is a video of something that I'm after.


    Here is an article to check out if your interested.

    Additionally, I'm looking for the physics involved in a moving wave as opposed to a stationary wave. I want it to operate as close to a real ocean as possible.
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    The American Wave Machine company uses compressed air to power their waves. No oscillating "sea floor" necessary. You can use Google search for "Wave machine How does it work" and more. It's not high technology, but also not cheap.

    As for your wish for a "barreling wave hollow in the middle", I guess you're referring to a wave that curves up and over the surfer like some I've seen in movies. Yes, you could make those kinds of breaking waves, too. You'd need high energy waves and then the bottom (depth) diminishing begins to play a part in the wave formation. Easy if you have the money!
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