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Making an academic CV

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    Hey all,
    I am applying for PhD positions and many people are asking for a CV. Could any one give me tips on the content of the CV?

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    http://www.jonlee.co.uk/content.asp/o/8944/po/11632/ms/17399/s/11632 [Broken]

    Here is a useful site for you
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    The ordering of sections on my academic CV is different to that. For example, education is above work experience, since it's more important (especially at an early stage in one's career). I also include a list of selected seminars given, a section on 'awards/prizes won', and don't have 'hobbies section', but that may just be me!
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    Very many faculty members' websites include CV's. With a half an hour of surfing, you could get dozens of examples.
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    Thanks for all the responses,
    this chap has the source code for his latex template
    which I ended up using
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