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Making an external HD

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    Ok, I have a normal hard drive and I want to connect it to my computer using a usb cord (any port i guess). There are adapters out there that allow you to do this but they cost way too much (like $165).

    How difficult would it be for me to design such an adapter. I know that the drive would need power, but it is how to convert the IDE connection at the back to something usb adaptable I am unsure of.
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    This is one of those times where the respons is "If you have to ask then you don't know enough to begin with." Basically, you'de need to understand the USB protocol as well as the IDE protocol---both hardware and software---before even attempting such a project. You might be able to get away with an FTDI chip and/or a microcontroller(PIC and ATMEL have USB capable uC's but you still need a bus driver chip and you still need to understand the protocol(s) before making something that works) but you're just wasting your time because the cost and time needed to develope what you want would far and away exceed the cost of simply buying a premade unit.
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    haha thats exactly what i was thinking but didn't want to say it. If you have the knowledge to be able to do it, you wouldn't have asked if it were possible.
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    Pengwuino I can't remember asking if doing it was possible, in fact I know that it is possible. I asked how difficult it was to do, and faust provided enough evidence to convince me that it would be too expensive to develop it on my own.

    Thanks for the links guys, I might go with the one from http://www.usb-ware.com/usb-2-ide-adapter-ud200.htm cuz it seems like the one at best buy is just better looking, with the enclosure and everything.

    edit: i just found one on tigerdirect for $19.99
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    Yah but if you did have the ability to do it, you probably would have known enough to determine how hard it would be.
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