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Making Buffer Solutions

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    What methods are there to make buffer solutions?

    Could anyone outline them? thanks.
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    we don't do your hw! show some initiative and we'll help out.
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    If not a homework question: (a) Look in a handbook of buffers; or, (b) choose weak acid + strong base to form some salt of the weak acid for acidic buffer; or choose weak base + strong acid to form some salt of the weak base for alkaline buffer. Use your standard equilibrium constant calculations.

    If a homework question: Study equilibrium and equilibrium constant for weak acids and weak bases in you quantitative chemistry textbook.

    Note, when choosing to use weak acid or base plus its salt, you will typically generate a quadratic equation. Search the forums and you will find these kinds of discussions.
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    What pH are you interested in?
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    Damn, I do chemistry at university and I can barely remember any of this stuff ^_^, is it that if your using a Strong base Weak acid you make a RCOO- Na+ salt (for example, i know theres other combinations) that will absorb any hydronium ions by making RCOOH and absorb any OH ions by producing NaOH.

    I'm just asking because my memory is funny on even this basic stuff (Studying MO theory and Thermodynamics thrown me off the important stuff ^_^)
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    Google Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.
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