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Making comments in mathematica

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    Ok i got a problem. Heres my mathematica file.

    Im trying to find the critical points and describe them but i dont know how to print stuff in mathematica. How can i make it say instead of like putting...

    d[x1, y1]

    to find the descriminant (i already setup the function as you can see in the file). How can I do it so the actual output will say "The discriminant of this point is" whatever the number is (in this case, 238) instead if it just spitting out the number alone? Is there like a print command? Thanks for the help :)

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    ahhh help me guys :D
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    Well, I didn't look at your file, something about cookies on my machine or whatever. But you can use a Print commant in Mathematica:

    Print["The discrimant is: ",d[x1,y1]];
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