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Making Desktop Wallpapers

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    I want toi try and make a desktop wallpaper for my computer for something to pass the time :smile: I've been looking around at wallpapers and alot of them have like cool graphics and backgrounds, and I dont know how to make these?

    This is what I mean: http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/photosplus/content/current/image/wallpapers.html

    How do they make the cool background in the first picture? Could anyone advise any other thing I might need to get started? I want to keep it simple and have a background and them insert an photo or two of mine onto it.

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    I pick a photo of my liking then resize it to macth my screen resolution. You can add graphics from most any resonable photo editing software.
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    Those textured backgrounds are made by using software that supports layers. Photoshop is the most infamous of these, but software by Corel also supports layers, and so does the very popular freeware GIMP. Simply select a photo you'd like to use as a background, and put your top photo on the top layer, then use alpha transparency and selection tools to blend the two layers however you like. You can then put the smaller image of the guy on a third layer.
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    Sorry to be pedantic but GIMP is not freeware, it is GPL licenced.
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