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Making Friends in the Midst of Hell

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    So.... Even until now, I am lamenting on my masochistic decision of taking up Electronics Engineering as my course. Well, it's not exactly physics, but still somehow related. So I hope you guys don't mind. And alsoo, I reckon this site has a forum for Electric Engineering so... I might be sticking there more in the future.

    Either way, I hope to broaden my knowledge by exchanging insights with you all. Sorry for troubling you and thanks for the future guidance! :D

    PS. Sorry if the title seemed unprofessional of me. But believe me, it's just for now. I promise. >:D That aside, again, I'm happy to be of acquaintance to you all! Also, I'm still studying and hoping to graduate within two years time.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you very much! I hope to get along.
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