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Making Ozone, (O3) HOW TO DO THIS?

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    Making Ozone, (O3) HOW TO DO THIS??

    I have heard that ozone can be made if Air is put through a high voltage box, making the O2, attract additional oxegen creating O3.. Is this a simple or complicated process... Deos any one know a way to get this idea to work... IT is for a project with an Gas Engine ( Mustang) We are trying to get more power to the motor by getting more oxegen in without the use if Turbo or supercharger, currently we are using a ram air cold air induction system .... Please help if you have an ideas it would be much appreciated.. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Making Ozone, (O3) HOW TO DO THIS??

    Sorry doesn't work that way. Even if you had a large supply of ozone, you'd have to crack it before it got to the engien which would result in giving you monatomic oxygen and diatomic oxygen. In either event you'd get more diatomic oxygen from cold air induction anyhow so there is no point in messing with ozone.
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