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Homework Help: Making Solutions

  1. Jan 26, 2005 #1


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    A salt solution has a concentration of 15 g/L. How much of this solution is needed to make 50 ml of a solution which has a concentration of 12 g/L.

    Using [tex]C_1 * V_1= C_2* V_2[/tex](concentration and volume) I got .4 L of this solution must be added.
    I didn't really know how to tackle this one so maybe (if I'm wrong, which I probably am) could someone help me out?
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    NO,the answer should be 0.04L=40mL.Maybe that's what u've gotten and what u've written is just a typo...

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    Ya, it wasn't a typo in my post, it was just a silly mistake on paper, but I found it. Thanks dexter.
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