Male Enhancement

  1. Do those pills that say they'll increase the size of your genitals work? How do they work? Are they dangerous?
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    :rofl: Medical Science knows of no way to cause a permanent change in the size of a fully grown man's genitals other than reconstructive surgery.
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    Sure there is a well known "way to cause a permanent change in the size..":

    It is called castration (i.e, deconstructive surgery).

    A non-surgical way to PERMANENTLY change the size is to contract satyriasis.
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  5. dav2008

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    If they actually worked then you should be afraid to take them.
  6. Danger

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    Take diet pills instead; then it'll look bigger in comparison to the rest of you. :tongue:
  7. Check what came on my IE title bar for this thread :
    " Male enhancement - Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums "

    I have seen PF do lots of amazing things but this is ridiculous .
  8. iv tried them - they make you quite well enhanced (they increased by length by 1 inch, so by 20%! score!) but its rele rele painful! it like throbs loads. anyway lets get back to physics
  9. i would also like to know how they worked
  10. dav2008

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    Rigid Body, eh?
  11. Danger

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    :uhh: [color=#eded].....[/color]
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