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Medical Male fertility

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    Is there any man that has semen without sperm ? How to cure him ?

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    Re: /Tu eenfete:lai:z/

    If the man has had a vasectomy then he will produce seminal fluid without sperm.
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    Re: /Tu eenfete:lai:z/

    There are also men who naturally have a low or non-existent sperm count. Try Googling for fertility treatments.
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    But then how do I sure my husbnd will have plenty of white cream to fetilize me ?
    I am worried about the marriag that my family has no children/grandchilred after all/

    Why I have this treatment ? Eveybody out there can fertilize any women they want to.
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    The two of you need to go to your doctor. Your doctor can best assess these issues.
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    Yes I agree, see your doctor. Their are so many options available to help with fertility. Plus they will look at both your husband and yourself.
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