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Male to female BMR differences

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    What are some of the physiological factors that cause males and females to have different BMR’s (base metabolic rates)?

    I’m thinking that one factor would be the difference in the fat:muscle ratio in males and females. Also, on average at least, males tend to be taller. Are there any other major reasons that may account for the BMR differences?

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    Higher fat percentage is the result of BMR, not the cause.

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    After thinking about it, It would be both the cause and the result. Which came first???

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    I think, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, that the higher fat percentage is the result of estrogen in females. Likewise the higher percentage of muscle in males is due to testosterone.
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    The estrogen is responsible for the female disperment of fat.

    The testosterone, along with HGH, IGF-1 and receptor sites for each are responsible for muscle. With out the proper receptor sites the testosterone will not have the effect on the muscles.

    For example, you can give a female and extremely high dosage of test and she will not build the muscle like a male will.

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