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Male Vs Female

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    What do males do better than females, and females do better males?
    Excluding giving birth.

    The only things i can think of, I do not see many female builders or formula one
    racing drivers.
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    The only thing I can think of is the female hip structure is more efficient for running and other physical activities than the male counterpart... Except in general men can still run faster because of testosterone.
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    Are there any female fighter pilots?
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    yes.... many...
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    Men, often make better show-jumpers than women due to the shape of the pelvis, and often have more courage because of testosterone.

    Anything involving strength usually falls to men because they have greater muscle density - again down to testosterone.

    Women usually have a greater capactiy for multitasking and can generally communicate better across the two halves of the brain than men.
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    My mom is always better than my dad at spending money
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    Hmm, i er, ouch hot water, is this true?
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    I keep hearing that but every girl I've ever dated has been soooo much worse at both those things than me!! I'm better than my twin sister too.
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    Women have a 20% larger corpus callosum than men: 20% more communication fibers connecting the hemispheres.

    This allows them, among other things, to be able to read peoples facial expressions more accurately than men can, using less of their brains to do it. Men can do it as well as women, but only if they activate much more brain area for the job than women have to.
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    Not seeing many women doing something doesn't mean men are better at it, just that more men than women have an interest in doing it.

    For most things, I don't think it's a matter of one sex doing something better than the other sex, but more that some things are accomplished in different ways.

    Let's just take the multi-tasking example. I don't know of any real studies that confirm it, but for the sake of argument, let's assume women can keep track of multiple projects simultaneously in their head. But, does that mean they're going to perform better than men who might just switch back and forth between multiple projects, keeping track of them each one at a time, but constantly switching between them, or using notes to keep track of everything going on rather than keeping it all in their head? (I don't honestly think this is a trait that differs between men and women though; I think it's generally rare to find people who can truly multi-task well, regardless of their sex).

    Even with lifting, men (who keep themselves in shape...an unfit guy can be much weaker than a fit woman) might have stronger arms for lifting, but then women will often compensate for that lack of strength in their arms by using their hips to brace things they're lifting (just watch men vs. women carrying groceries, especially if they're in the paper bags without handles...the men will have two bags in their arms held slightly in front of them, and the women have the bags resting on their hips with their arms more supporting them from slipping rather than bearing the weight).
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    That "Fear Factor" show. It's so biased towards men. Like the time they were up in the air jumping from one car to another car while water was spraying on them. Give me a break. If that was a balance beam up there, I would have said, "just give the money to the women. I ain't even gonna' try!".


    Oh yea, one more story about the balance beam: "Survivor". You know it. Well it was the women vs. men. And they were on some obstacle course. Well the men were beating the women badly until . . . you guessed it . . . the dreaded balance beam. And it was only 6" off the ground for heaven sake! I mean they sat there and kept falling off as the women, one by one gradually got up them, overtook them and beat them! :smile:
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    Though I don't normally like to say that one gender is superior to another at something, women look a hell of a lot better in a skirt than men.
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    I keep hearing this too, but like Smurf I have yet to see it in the real world. I haven't met very many women who can multitask as well as I do.

    I've also heard that women are supposedly more patient then men. Yet I haven't found this in reality either. I find it extremely difficult to find a woman who is as patient as I am.

    But then for whatever it's worth, I havent' met very many men who are as patient as I am either, so maybe it's just me. :wink:

    There are probably a lot of stereotypical generalizations that can be made about men vs. women. But I've found that I generally don't fit the stereotypes given for men anyhow. So generalizations are pretty meaningless to me.
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    Men can write their name in the snow better than women.
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    LOL, by what methods?
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    :rofl: it matters how
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    I suspect that women have an easier time practicing abstinence. And looking at the prison population, women seem to be better at refraining from violence - or at least not getting caught and convicted.
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    i have heard that women have a superior ability to determine different shades of color then men do. also, in my own opinion, i think men make better cooks then women do :smile: then again, maybe it's just that my husband feeds me well :rofl:
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    this is true. i can out cook or out bake my own mom any day of the week.
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