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Males Versus Females

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    So why is that men and women never grow up to stop being sexist and opposing each other? I mean they're always making bad jokes about each other and try to prove their superiority. That's pretty annoying and childish.:rolleyes: I've to meet someone who really thinks men and women are equal. It seems to me that most of them think "well, let women to have the same rights but at the end it's us guys who rule the world." It just drives me nuts when I see men think they should take care of women and they're cleverer and stronger than women.
    Am I just roverrating things because of what happened to me today or the situation is really the way I experessed?:devil: :grumpy:
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    Sometimes it seems like the other way to me :)

    Men are always expected to hold the door for women, hold a woman's hand while she's stepping down off something, etc. Women aren't expected to hold the door for men lol. Does this encourage equality?
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    Don't worry about such things lisa, now go get me some kubideh <slap's lisa on the butt :devil: >
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    George Jones

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    If someone's (male or female, I don't care) going to get some kubideh, make sure that there's enough for everyone.
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    You women just wouldn't understand :biggrin:
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    Gentlemen perform gentle deeds.

    Ladies perform feminine needs.

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    Where does this girl get her ideas, sexism died out in the 60s, heck some
    times it is even difficult to see if a person is male or female these days,
    mind you i do admire the female that shows her feminimity by wearing
    a mini skirt and low cut blouse :approve:
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    TV tells me women are smarter, stronger, faster, and prettier. When was the last time you saw a commercial where a guy showed-up a girl?
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    :bugeye: :eek:
    Did I say they are the same? Did I say men really rule the world?
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    I don't know; I wasn't listening. :tongue:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    That's true! I have long noted that commercials and comedy are terribly sexist towards men. You would think that men are too stupid to clean the toilet.

    Of course in that particular example they are obviously selling cleaning supplies to woman. How's that for irony?
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    Sorry that it's impossible to have a insightful and serious discussion with you guys. I guess I forgot that here's GD...:rolleyes:
    You seem to hear what you expect from people not what they really say! I mean we're human beings at the 1st place not men and women. I explain it to you alter since I dont have time right now...

    How great! so things are only balck and white here. Men or women and there's no such a thing as men and women!:rolleyes:
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    Lisa, you forget that we don't live in Tehran Iran where such matters are critical to society. Our society has actually advanced in the last 100 years, not regressed! :rofl:

    With this attitude, you'll never find a husband :devil:
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    Does anyone take any notice of what comedians say anyway? I fail to see much of a gap these days with both sides coming to terms with the peace settlement. Make love not war :tongue: :smile:
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    Rather apt I think :approve:
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    Lisa! I agree with you on this. It has always seemed obvious to me that the overlap between men and women is so great that the differences are not that important. I very, very frequently find myself having a better rapport, on a general human level, with some women than I do with other guys. If I encounter a woman I can't communicate with, it's not because of her sex, but because of some greater individual difference between us: values, interests, the way we were raised, and such. I encounter guys all the time with whom I have no rapport and don't understand and couldn't form a friendship with and who might as well be from another planet for all I understand them.

    That said, there are important differences between the sexes that people shouldn't pretend don't exist. To say men and women are equal is something like saying bananas and peaches are equal: it implies an interchangability and sameness that doesn't carry through to all situations. Broadly speaking, each gender has different, but complimentary, strengths. But, given the obvious proof all around us, I don't think anyone should think that people can't excell at things traditionally thought to be the domain of the other gender.
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    Men are the best.

    Women are not.

    Its as simple as that.
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    There are certain things that men get the best of, and other things that women get the best of...I feel that it evens out overall (In our society, at least. There are places where this is not true, and these are the places where people should complain.) I don't really want men and women to be the SAME...:grumpy:

    There have been times when I have felt like you Lisa!, except that I was treated unfairly because I was male and not female. It works both ways. Isn't there some kind of saying for this phenomenon...oh yes, "The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence?).":wink:
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    Math Is Hard

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    Did your boyfriend tell you that? :tongue2:
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    There's a sociologist, http://www.concertideas.com/mk/ [Broken], who studies masculinity and likes to tell a story about an exchange between two of his then fellow grad students at a study group back in the 1980s.
    I like the other way he tells it: "...that's the way privilege works. Privilege is invisible to those who have it."

    I think these discussions get off on the wrong foot by not clarifying exactly what is meant by "men" and "women" and the differences between the group level and the individual level. Anywho, I love that we have this concept of a generic person, an individual without any further discriminations. (Though I wish English had a common pronoun to refer to this person.) I used to see myself that way when I was younger, and I'm curious about how often these days you guy's biological sex is a factor in your being granted some privilege, or right, vs. being denied one, or even just a factor in your being treated differently.

    I have experiences both ways all of the time, and I'd really like to know in whose world gender equality actually exists.
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